• EE 6435

    • Electro-hydraulic
    • Available in 3 models: EE-6435S (flat platform), EE-6435A (with flexible turntable position), EE-6435B (with flexible turntable position & rear side slip).
    • Adjustable distance between two platforms can be well applicable to vehicles of different wheel base.
    • 24V ABS control box & limit switch considers your safety operation.
    • Aluminium motor prevents overheating caused by long time working.
    • Proofed by dynamic test with 115% of rated capacity & static test with 150% of rated capacity.
    • CE Certified.
    • Capacity: 4 Ton/ 5 Ton.
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  • EE 6435P

    • Electro-hydraulic parking lift, manual release
    • Ideal choice for simple vehicle services & vehicle parking in families or commercial parking lots.
    • Low profile design for easier driving-on
    • Mechanical safety lock automatically engaged when rising
    • CE Certified
    • Lifting capacity: 3000Kg
    • Max. lifting height 1860mm
    • Min. height 125mm
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